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AC Gears x Morph Wooden Speaker

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  • Walnut


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Product Description


Started out from the balcony of an apartment in Denton Texas, Morph Speakers are the original idea of a Texan made into reality. Every Morph Speaker is made out of 100% reclaimed wood, handcrafted out from Denton Texas (but not from the balcony anymore). AC Gears has partnered up with Morph Speaker to create the AC Gears I Heart NY edition Renew line. Have a piece of New York's homegrown imprinted on solid Texan block that together projects true American spirit.

Enjoy robust sound on the go with the lightweight iPhone edition AC Gears Morph Speakers Renew line. Hand crafted to bed the speaker of your phone and amplify the sound of your favorite music with no chords or strings attached! All of the Morph Speaker is made from natural, reclaimed wood. No two pieces of wood are absolutely alike in properties, therefore your speaker will not look exactly like what is in the image. This is what makes this speaker beautiful, unique, and sustainable.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • Fits all iPhone's
  • Highlights
  • Collaborated Edition between AC Gears and Morph Speaker
  • Portable and Sustainable
  • Made in Denton Texas, America
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