Audioengine D1 Premium 24-bit DAC Converter + Headphone Amp

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Product Description


Audioengine creates innovative audio equipment based on custom designs that rely on very few off-the-shell parts. Bring the power and clarity of professional studio equipment into your own home, whether you're playing music from a turntable or casually listening through your computer or portable devices.

Audioengine D1 Premium 24-bit DAC (digital-to-analog converter) allows you to bypass your computer's soundcard or headphone output and send audio through USB or optical. D1 is the perfect plug-and-play digital interface between your computer and music system and will improve the sound of ALL your music. The rounded anodized aluminum case of the D1 reflects traditional Audioengine design and the audio fidelity is typical of Audioengine's commitment to great sound at an affordable price. The D1 DAC is the perfect way to get great-sounding music not only from your computer but also from your TV, Apple TV, DVD/BluRay player or CD player. And since it's powered by USB, D1 is also a high-quality portable computer headphone amplifier.

Includes USB cable (2ft), Setup Guide and microfiber bag.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • DAC type: Dual Mode USB and Optical (SPDIF)
  • Inputs: USB/Optical (SPDIF)
  • Outputs: RCA stereo/3.5mm headphone
  • D/A converter: AKM4396
  • Optical receiver: CS8416
  • USB controller: TI1020B
  • USB device class: Type 1.1 or above
  • Full-scale output: 2.0V RMS
  • Output impedance: 10 ohms
  • Power source: USB 5V
  • Power requirements: 5V DC, 200mA
  • USB power filtering: 2-stage redundant regulation
  • SNR: (DC to 20 kHz) >110dB
  • THD+N: (1kHz FS 96kS/s) <0.0025%
  • Crosstalkb: -85db
  • USB transfer mode: Asynchronous (dual clock)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 25KHz (+/- 0.5dB)
  • Input bit depth: 16 bit, 24 bit
  • Input sample rate (USB): 32kHz-96kHz - native playback 188.2kHz, 192kHz - re-sampled to 96kHz for playback
  • Input sample rate (optical): 32kHz-192kHz - native playback
  • Product dimensions: 3.5x4x1"
  • Shipping weight: 1.0lbs (0.5kg)
  • Highlights
  • Desktop or portable digital-to-analog convertor
  • Mac or PC plug-and-play, no drivers to install
  • High-performance headphone amp included
  • USB and optical inputs
  • USB-powered, no separate power supply needed
  • Stream bit-perfect HD audio with low jitter
  • Based on high-performance AK4396 DAC
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