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Bitplay SNAP! 8 Photographer Camera Case Kit

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Product Description


The SNAP! 8 Photographer Camera Case Kit by Bitplay is one of the most advanced camera case for iPhone 8 on the market today. Funded with a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign the SNAP! 8 turns your iPhone from an amateur camera to a professional camera.

All photographers will concur that the grip of a camera is absolutely crucial for snapping the perfect picture at the moment's calling. Bitplay's SNAP! 8 not only features a physical shutter button (which requires no app or pairing), but a interchangeable ergonomic grip, turning your iPhone 8 from a consumer camera into a pro one.

The SNAP! 8 also comes equipped with a thumb rest to give you the perfect balance in gripping your camera. The ergonomic grip features a tripod hole so you can mount your iPhone on any standard tripod. SNAP! 8 itself is made with shock-absorbing bumper to give your phone a full protection. Comes with a handy strap, removable thumb rest, and the option to add a variety of professional-quality lenses.

SNAP! 8 is thin and lightweight, designed for one-handed natural shooting stability and everyday use. There’s an add-on grip that can be quickly attached for more a solid, DSLR-like experience and a mechanical shutter button that instantly gives you a professional shooting experience.

Bitplay complete range of seven different professional-quality lenses can be used with SNAP! 7, including the latest HD Wide Angle Lens that shoots twice the width in incredible quality. Choose from the current Wide/Macro Lens or the HD Wide Angle Lens for an amazing image quality with your iPhone. New lenses including Telephoto, Full Frame Fisheye, Fisheye+Macro Lens, Ultra Wide Angle + Macro Lens, and Circular Polarizer Filter are available also to be purchased separately.

Dual-layer construction for added shock-absorption, with a hard scratch-resistant outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorbing inner. The two layers function together perfectly to disperse impacts and provide extremely strong protection.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • SNAP! 8 for 4.7 inch size: 14.4 x 7.4 x 1.65 cm
  • SNAP! 8 for 5.5 inch size: 16.4 x 8.5 x 1.67 cm/
  • SNAP! 8 for 4.7 inch weight : 45g
  • SNAP! 8 for 5.5 inch weight : 55g
  • Material: PC+ABS, TPU
  • Highlights
  • Physical Shutter Button
  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • Shock-absorbing case
  • Interchangeable Slim/Ergonomic grip Tripod-Compatible
  • Steadiness-Enhancing Thumb Rest
  • Functional Strap Hole
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