Brandnewnoise Lil' Mib (message in a box) With Pitch Control

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Sometimes you need your gear to have a bit of personality. This handmade voice recorder by brandnewnoise has the decency to look back at you while it repeats what you've said. The Lil' Mib is a handheld voice recorder with pitch control knob and a red flag you can raise to let someone know there's a message waiting. Hold down the red button to record, press the black button to play back and turn the dial to control pitch.

Don't feel so bad about poking your looping companion in the eyes. It's rugged, constructed from sustainable wood and nontoxic acrylic paint. These voice recorders are for those of you who like to make your own noises, beeping and buzzing all day long. Manipulate those noises electronically and get creative with your voice. Each device is made with love, right here in New York.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • American sustainable wood

  • Non-toxic acrylic paint

  • Lots of Love
  • Highlights
  • Hand Made In New York

  • Voice Recorder With Personality

  • Pitch Control

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