Critter and Guitari Melody Mill

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Critter & Guitari is a company on a mission to simplify the world of hand held synthesizers. From their first Pocket Piano to the rhythmic repetitions of the Kaleidoloop, they have shown that all you need to know about making your own music can be read from a sticker on the back of their instruments.

The next step in their colorful crusade is the Melody Mill. The Critter & Guitari Melody Mill is a note generation module for modular synthesizers. Put in more simple terms, they give you more options for crafting and shaping your own sound. By giving you control over its oscillators (the part that makes the notes) and the ability to connect to external devices via MIDI and analog outputs, the Melody Mill will meld seamlessly with any live or recording equipment.

The Melody Mill also is able to record and play back your favorite sequences. This is great for multitasking musicians. Trigger and Gate control signal generation is available for more advanced synthesizer users. A 'hold' button is also built in for holding notes (think drone). Six note generation modes are available:

  • Single Shot
  • Up Arpeggio
  • Down Arpeggio
  • Pyramid Arpeggio
  • Alternator Arpeggio
  • Random Arpeggio

  • Play notes, record and playback sequences and arpeggios on your favorite modules
  • Connect your MIDI controller or computer into your modular setup using the MIDI input
  • Clock the arpeggiator with an LFO for strange melodies

  • CV output to control oscillators
  • MIDI clock to CV pulse conversion
  • Dimensions: 39 HP; Depth: 23mm
  • Power: 16 Pin polarized power connector. Requires +12V and +5V.
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Hands-on by GEDDEM


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