Critter and Guitari Rhythm Scope

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In 1981 MTV launched, airing "Video Killed The Radio Star" and changing the game for popular bands forever. Music video became mainstream, and every pop star needed to have one. A visual component to your music enhances the experience, and reinforces your performance.

Not all of us are pop stars with a huge budget, but that doesn't mean we can't have a visual accompaniment to go along with our jams. NYC based Critter & Guitari built an easy way to have music videos that always match your music: The Rhythm Scope.

Pipe your music through the Rhythm Scope, and watch as it shifts to the tempo of the song. Select one of 16 patterns, or use the Random mode to switch patterns every 1-16 beats. Adjust the sensitivity to determine which instrument the Rhythm Scope follows. It works best with percussive instruments, and arpeggios.

The Rhythm Scope can be connected to televisions and projectors via the RCA output. Perfect for live performances, DJ sets and parties.

  • Add Video To Your Music
  • Simple To Use
  • 16 Different Patterns

  • Enclosure: Anodized Aluminum, Wood (3.2" x 2.2" x 1.1")
  • Hands-on by GEDDEM


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