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DAQICONCEPT JinGoo LED Light Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description


Developed by Taiwanese design company DAQICONCEPT, the JinGoo is an award winning (Winner of the 2016 A'Design Silver Award) product that fuses the functionality of technology with craftsmanship and design. The JinGoo is an ambient LED light in the form of a bird (the light) in a metal cage. The JinGoo bird is both an adjustable (3 step adjustment) LED Light, as well as the tweeter of the Bluetooth Speaker. The JinGoo base is made out of solid Taiwanese Acacia wood and has a built-in woofer for the part of its Bluetooth Speaker.

The low frequency woofer speaker is positioned in the base structure. These sound waves are reflected by the ceramic tail of the bird and together with sound waves from the tweeter, in the bird's body, create a wide stereo effect. Match JinGoo with your mobile devices to play the beautiful sound of music.

To optimize the sound quality in all frequency ranges, the JinGoo has not only incorporated a tweeter to enhance high-pitch sound performance, but has also been designed with a crossover frequency at 1800Hz to filter all the frequencies below that to the woofer and anything above to the tweeter. In doing so, the interference between the overlap of the tweeter and woofer are avoided, and allows each to perform at its best.

Craftsmen have applied traditional skills to the firing of fine china for the delicate bird body and to the molding of the metal cage structure, which is built without obstructive and vertical support. Each JinGoo bird is born and put together by warm and caring hands.

JinGoo's wooden base is made from the Acacia tree native to Taiwan, and is processed with specialized kiln drying techniques from an experienced Japanese sensei to preserve the natural patterns and textures of the high-quality solid wood material.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • Mono 2-Way Speaker

  • 3 Way LED Light

  • High-temperature Ceramic bird body

  • Bluetooh 4.0

  • Solid Taiwan Walnut wood base

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