Etymotic Research HF3 HiFi Earphones with Mic and Volume Control

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Etymotic Research has their company motto right in the name. "Etymotic" (pronounced et-im-oh-tik) means "true to the ear." Founded in 1983 by Mead Killion, Ph.D., Etymotic's mission has been to design products that accurately assess hearing, and improve the lives of those that use their products. Hearing aids, as well as ear protection to prevent hearing loss are among the first products they produced.

In 1984, Etymotic Research invented insert earphones as we know them, and has continued to define what it means to be high fidelity as an IEM.

The second step into Etymotic's catalogue of high fidelity IEMs is the HF series. Balanced armature transducers deliver Etymotic's true to the ear accuracy in greater detail. With 35-42dB of noise isolation, the highest documented noise isolation rating for earphones on the market today, you can enjoy clear and natural sounding audio at safe volumes. The neutral presentation allows you to listen to your music as the artist intended.

Etymotic Research also wants your earphones to last you a while. The Kevlar-reinforced cable increases durability, and user-replaceable ACCU

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