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Hexapod Robotic Kit

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Product Description


For those who may not have heard about STEMI Education yet, they are a group of Croatian enthusiasts who won Croatia and the world with their educational products that every person, and primarily children of school age, can independently assemble and program. This year they are launching a new, improved version of their product STEMI Hexapod with a slogan "have fun with the future!". The last series of the product was sold in just a few months, and now a new, improved series is coming to the markets.

STEMI Hexapod robot is a technological adventure through which a user creates a real six legged walking robot. The kit, which comes in a box, contains all the necessary parts, tools and extras. Additionally, the user gains access to the STEMI online laboratory that includes over 100 carefully designed video tutorials. With the guide of the STEMI engineers and educators user goes step by step through the robot assembly, electronics, programming, 3D modelling and creating his or her own mobile application. All of that makes this adventure interactive, fun and challenging while teaching children technologies of the future.

The new series, which is on the worldwide market since mid 2018, has been significantly improved when compared to the previous release, in terms of a more modern look, greater and more open interaction with a robot, a simpler but more challenging process of assembly, richer and more fun educational content. Using touch sensors, the robot can now be programmed to respond to user’s touch and its mood can be expressed through six multicolored lights.

Also, robots will be available in a variety of colors. Its components are made of materials that are carefully selected for the purpose of greater security, durability and better user experience. The vision of STEMI is to create an environment in which everyone has an opportunity to become an innovator, a technology creator and not just a user or a passive observer. The mission of this young team is to make ed-tech products which use state of the art technologies simple for everyone to understand, get inspired and bring their own ideas to life.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • Programming environment: App inventor, Arduino IDE
  • Communication: Bluetooth, iOS and Android app
  • 6 programmable RGB LED lights
  • Plexiglass links and body, Modular PCB
  • Highlights
  • Six-legged robot designed in 3D modeling software
  • 150 educational lessons
  • Battery power: 1h walking time
  • USB charging
  • Age: 14+
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