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HMM Rule One Designer Ruler Pen

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Product Description


HMM is the acronym for Human Mechanic Method, a designer firm based in Taiwan. HMM specializes in high quality coffee ware and office accessories and their products are finely crafted with metal or ceramic. The birth of Rule One, the designer's ruler pen was based on HMM's pursuit to integrate and refine the designer's movement in drafting. Thus this pen-ruler combination was created, and it fits perfectly inside your notebook as a bookmark with its unique droplet shape. The interchangeable heads fulfill different uses, on paper, on tablet, and on the go.

Built-in magnets hold the pen inside the ruler and will not fall out when not in use. Switch quickly between Inches and Centimeters as the scales are printed on either side of the Rule One. With its compact size and milled Aluminum build, this finely crafted gadget is light and delightful to carry around. Honored with Red Dot Award 2015, funded and loved by hundreds of Kickstarter backers; Rule/One is the one-of-a-kind tool to unleash your ideas with joy.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
Weight: 60g

Dimensions: L: 5.43" / 138mm, W: 0.98" / 25mm, H: 0.43" / 11mm

Refill: Uni-ball Signo UMR-85 (for UMN-207 Micro, 152, 105)

  • Finely crafted milled aluminum body

  • Interchangeable heads for different uses (ballpoint, stylus, lanyard)

  • Made in Taiwan

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