KORG monotron DUO Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer

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Founded originally as Keio Gijutsu Kenkyujo in 1962, KORG has become a legendary name for synthesizers, rhythm machines and keyboards. The developers of Japan's first synthesizer has created instruments that inspire musicians through the generations. Korg strives to continue to innovate and create high quality instruments that inspire professionals and newcomers alike.

KORG has given their powerful palm-sized synthesizer a new sibling. The battery powered monotron's theme of 'Go Anywhere Analog' stay alive within the monotron DUO, with additional capabilities for generating even more extreme sounds. The simple operation of the monotron remains true for the DUO, with its ribbon controller keyboard and five versatile parameter knobs. The DUO adds an additional voice oscillator with separate tuning to create more unique analog sounds.

Though simple and fun to play, the monotron DUO isn't just a toy. It utilizes the same highly acclaimed classic analog filter as KORG's MS-10 & MS-20, giving the monotron DUO the thick voice of a vintage synthesizer. Built-in speaker and battery powered operation allow you to go anywhere with your analog sound. The aux input jack even lets you apply KORG's filter to any audio source.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • Synthesizer structure: 2 VCOs with X-Mod; 1 VCF
  • Switches: Standby / VCO1 / VCO1+2, Scale Select Button: (Chromatic -> Major -> Minor -> Off)
  • Knobs: VCO1 Pitch, X-MOD Int., VCO2 Pitch, VCF Cutoff, VCF Peak
  • Controller: Ribbon Controller
  • Aux Input: ?" Stereo Jack
  • Headphone Output: ?" Stereo Jack
  • Speaker: Miniature Internal; Disabled when headphones are in use
  • Power Supply: AAA batteries (x2), recommended alkaline batteries, Battery Life Approximately 8 hours (with alkaline batteries)
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H)120 mm x 72 mm x 28 mm / 4.72� x 2.83� x 1.10�
  • Highlights
  • Ribbon controller keyboard offers easy expression for all skill levels
  • Highly acclaimed classic analog filter, for a vintage sound
  • Simplified and versatile parameter knobs on a palm sized synthesizer
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