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Lemnos Bockoo Cuckoo Wall Clock with Light Sensor

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Product Description


Designed by designer Fumiaki Goto and manufactured as a collaboration piece with Lemnos Japan, the Bockoo clock is a beautifully made design timepiece, a modern rendition of what a Cuckoo clock ought to look like in the 21st century. Unlike most of the timepieces (or products, for that matter) available on the market today, Lemnos Japan still retains its traditional Japanese manufacturing standards by striving in making high quality goods using high quality material and craftsmanship.

The initial idea for the “Bockoo” cuckoo clock was based the iconic shape of a book. Lemnos Japan has developed its own cuckoo module and has been able to design a cuckoo clock with more flexibility flexibly, thereby making the Bockoo much smaller. Due to its compact size, the cuckoo clock could thus be displayed in small spaces that not previously imagined. Put the Bockoo on a bookshelf, it may encourage you to look at the shelf and take your favorite book when the cuckoo tells the time. A beautiful clock handcrafted in Toyama Japan by Lemnos.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • Dimensions: W89 x H182 x D128mm
  • Materials: Steel, MDF, Lumber core plywood
  • Highlights
  • 3 Step Chirping (soft, loud, off)

  • Light Sensor (on/off between 6am - 6pm)

  • Handcrafted

  • Made in Japan

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