Lemnos Dandelion Clock

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Product Description


Lemnos presents the Dandelion, a wall clock designed by nendo that tells time using the number of seed heads on a dandelion, rather than numerals. It alludes to time flowing onward like seed heads dancing lightly upon the wind.

AC Gears is proud to be the distributor of Lemnos Japan here in the United States. Lemnos products take time telling to the next level with Japan's clean, minimalist design. Lemnos has won Japan's Good Design Awards and was selected as permanent collection in Cooper Hewitt Art Museum. They're also on display at Philadelphia Art Museum, and the Smithsonian Museum, among others. For press and wholesale inquiries, please contact us.

Hands-on by GEDDEM


Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • Size: 290mm × 40mm  
  • Weight: 580g  
  • Material: ABS resin  
  • Operations: Step Movement
  • Highlights
  • Designed by nendo
  • Unique dandelion seed indicators
  • Made in Japan
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