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Thank you for choosing AC Gears as the store for your purchase. We have a great selection of products and with the best prices to boot. If you find something you want to purchase at a better price than our website, no problem, let us know and we will match it! How's how.

1. Find something you like
This part is fairly self-explanatory.

2. Place your order on our website
This part is also self-explanatory. If you want to purchase the item at the store, please visit our store.

3. Contact us with the better price.
Send us an email through our contact page with the URL of the site where you found a better price. Upon verification, we will refund you for the difference of the item. If at the store, we will honor the better price at the point of purchase (please bring a copy of the webpage, as well as the working URL for us to check).

Restrictions and Things to Know

We will honor prices from any major retailer or local store that offers original manufacturer's warranty with your purchase. We will price match to Amazon.com's Prime pricing only. We do not price match to products sold from individual sellers on 3rd party platforms, goods that are not backed by a warranty or cannot be returned. For more information, please feel free to contact us prior to placing your order.

We cannot honor price match with the combination of special coupons from the store or the website at the same time. If customer elect to price match then any discount coupon cannot be applied. However, our ACG Reward Points can be used with price matched purchases.