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Mr. Maria Brown/Miffy LED Lamp with Dimmer

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Product Description


Mr Maria is a Dutch design studio based in Amsterdam. The studio was founded by Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker. Mr Maria is a brand with a playful artistic character. Rather than a clear-cut philosophy the designers have an open-minded view that translates into concept and form. Mr Maria aims to create eye-catching products for children of all ages. Shaping clouds into pure, clean and warm creations is their main goal as designers.

The modernist Mr Maria collection features a cool range of kid and earth-friendly designer lamps. All lamps are LED powered, providing an energy efficient, long lasting, and safe source of lighting for any kid’s décor. Mr Maria’s creations are made out of durable and recyclable Polyethylene. The lamps are equipped with a dimmer, which provides the ability to create the optimum ambiance for your child’s room or any modern interior space.

Originally a character on the popular LINE messaging app, Brown is a timid and mild-mannered personality but can be excited and passionate when coming to life. As he likes to keep his lips tight and is of very few words and rather expressionless, one can only guess what he is thinking about upon observing his actions.

In collaboration with LINE FRIENDS, Mr Maria has transformed Brown into an adorable lamp that produces a mildly white glow of light into the surroundings when switched on. The Browm lamp can be placed on the floor or table inside the children's room and nursery. It is stable on its wide base and completely safe for use. The integrated dimmer enables you to adjust the brightness so you can use it even as a night lamp. This LED lamp never gets hot so children can cuddle and touch it freely.

To know Miffy is to love Miffy. The Miffy character (in Holland known as Nijntje) was created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna while telling his one year old son stories about a little bunny he had seen while on holiday. What started out as a simple picture book, Miffy’s distinctive design has grown into an international brand of children’s merchandise, including these designer lamps. Miffy is more than a children's lamp, it's a new friend...

Even if you are not familiar with this adorable child’s character from Holland, you will want to invite her into your home to light up your life. This dimmable LED lamp provides a warm and serene glow - ideal for story telling to your little ones. Or can be used as décor piece in any contemporary interior space.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • Type: LED lamp with dimmer
  • Materials: Polyethylene
  • Color: White
  • Miffy Weight: 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs.
  • Brown Weight: 0.9 kg/2 lbs.
  • Miffy Dimensions: L 25 x W 25 x H 50 cm / L 10" x W 10" x H 20"
  • Brown Dimensions: L 21 x W 21 x H 31 cm / L 8.2" x W 8.2" x H 12.2"
  • Highlights
    Designed and made in Holland

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