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Pyro Mini Fireshooter by Adam Wilber

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Product Description


Welcome to the new Pyro Mini. This is not a toy. This is a "badass" device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm. Fire. Since the dawn of time it has been the reward at the end of man's quest. Both creator and destroyer, it has historically been the element hardest to control. Until now. Your quest is over. The power of fire in the palm of your hand. That's the power of PYRO.

The first of its kind, PYRO is a high-tech, wrist-worn device that allows you to shoot magnificent balls of fire from your open hand. Featuring an updated system of 2 barrels for multiple shots, an easy to use remote device, soft touch finish and adjustable wrist strap, PYRO Mini is about to turn up the heat on your performances. The viral smash-hit of 2014 has now been transformed into a smaller, sleeker and sexier MUST-HAVE. Based on the original Pyro, we've refined the mini to make it easier to use, while packing in a host of new features that rival anything you'd see in a James Bond movie.

Each PYRO Mini unit comes with 4 individually triggered barrels, meaning you can shoot off 4 fireballs before a reload is required. We highly recommend you use only the Flash Packs we supply and recommend, with each pack containing enough flash cotton and paper for over 120 uses.

The PYRO Mini Unit itself has been designed to contour to the underside of the wrist, leaving the hand shooting the fireball completely empty. The supplied fastener allows the sleeve to hide the unit, while keeping out of the way of the flaming shots. The remote switch has been designed to fit comfortably and discretely in the other hand, activated with a squeeze of the fist. Small and light enough to sit in a pocket when not in use without you - or your spectators - noticing it’s there.

As soon as you open the box and feel the unit yourself, you can feel the quality and level of R&D that has gone into the production of this device. Over two years of refinements and seven prototypes, both PYRO Unit and the Remote have gone through hell and back, pressure and temperature stressed every individual component - from heater coil though to remote receiver and cycle tested through to failure, to guarantee performance and longevity of the final unit.

DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 or over to purchase and/or use the Pyro Device. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that you are over the age of 18 and will read the instruction manual completely before using the device.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
Comprehensive Instructional USB Rechargeable Less Bulk More Shooting Multiple Shot Capability Handsfree Operation Rugged & Reliable

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