AC Gears 10th Year Anniversary by V-Moda & Storefront Showcase
December 8th / 6:00pm-9:00pm / RSVP, 21+ to drink / After Party

V-Moda had launched its XS with AC Gears and decked out the AC Gears NYC storefront with a mesmerizing display crafted in Italy. And now V-Moda is relaunching its headphone and speaker lineup at AC Gears. How will they decorate the storefront this time? More information to be announced. Stayed tuned.

Artiphon Demo Brand Mixer
October 27th, November 3rd / 7:00pm-9:00pm / RSVP / ft. The Phronetic

Come for a live demonstration by NYC based musicians with the new Artiphon. Free drinks and free demonstration after store hours at AC Gears with hands-on performance to jam out and deliver a night of innovative and musical fun.

Kanto Speaker Brand Mixer
TBA / 21+ RSVP

Based in BC Vancouver Kanto Speakers makes some fine bookshelf speakers that look good too. With Bluetooth, line-in, RCA, and optical-in, Kanto speakers delivers fantastic sound in a sleek glossy or matte pop color outfit. Join Kanto at AC Gears for a live demo night of drinks and hanging out with powerful sound playing in the background.

Urbanears Multiroom Speaker Launch Party & Storefront Showcase
October 20th, 2017 / 6:30-9:30pm / RSVP, 21+ to drink / Live DJ by DJ Romansu

The entire month of October is dedicated to Urbanears and their new Stammen and Baggen Multiroom Speakers. Come to pre-Halloween party on October 20th to demo their speaker line with free drinks and social with others with live DJ set by DJ Romansu.

Woo-Collective Liquor Perfection Brand Mixer
Ended / 21+ RSVP / Live DJ by DJ Romansu

Handcrafted in Taiwan, Woo-Collective makes beautiful pewterware with the Liquor Perfection line specifically created to make alcohol taste better. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Liquor Perfection Decanters smoothens the taste of alcohol while appearing simply pleasing to the eye. In this event we provide free wine and whiskey for A-B taste testing to demonstrate how Woo-Collective Decanters truly makes liquor taste the best they can be.

Bang & Olufsen P2 and H4 Launch & Storefront Showcase
Ended / 21+ RSVP / Live DJ by DJ Milton

Bang & Olufsen launched one of the best sounding portable Bluetooth speakers the P2 at AC Gears along with its highly-acclaimed casual Bluetooth headphones the H4 at AC Gears. We held a launch party at the store with B&O's brand video projected on the entire way and customers testing out the P2 live. A live DJ was on site. AC Gears Storefront was also transformed to showcase B&O's new P2 and H4 lineup.

Final Audio USA Retail Launch & Storefront Showcase
Ended / 21+ RSVP

Final Audio of Japan, maker of high-end audiophile headphones and earphones has officially entered the US retail market via Final Audio x AC Gears Retail Launch at the AC Gears NYC store. Visitors of this event have access to Final Audio's finest audio products which are available for hands-on demonstration. Final Audio's products are also on display at the storefront.

Grain Audio PWS Speaker Launch Party
Ended / 21+ RSVP

PA based Grain Audio creates great sounding earphones, headphones, and bluetooth speakers out of sustainable walnut wood. Grain Audio launched its PWS Bluetooth Speaker at AC Gears, where customers can give the speaker a listen while enjoying complimentary beverages.

Impossible Project l-type Launch & Storefront Showcase
Ended / 21+ RSVP

Get in on the latest Instant Photography with the Impossible Project l-type, a stylish revamp on the defunct Polaroid cameras. Get an exclusive deal of the l-type and film stocks during event only. Complimentary beer sponsored by PBR.

AC Gears x Teenage Engineering x Reggie Watts OP1 Launch Party
Ended / 21+ RSVP / Performance by Reggie Watts

Sweden's very own Teenage Engineering and their world-renowned OP1 Synthesizer officially launched at AC Gears with Reggie Watts demonstrating how to rock it properly. After party hosted by Cielo in Meatpacking District of NYC with Reggie Watts and Pauli PSM, sponsored by Teenage Engineering.

V-Moda XS Headphones Launch Party & Storefront Showcase
Ended / 21+ RSVP

V-Moda releases its new XS Headphones in all color ways at AC Gears with a complete storefront takeover. Featuring custom-made Italian props just for the event, V-Moda introduces the new headphone line up complete with champagne and DJ at AC Gears.

littleBits Official Retail Launch Party & Storefront Showcase
Ended / 21+ RSVP

littleBits home brewed in NYC presents its first education magnetic electronic building modules that enable creative inventions of large and small. First to debut on the retail market via AC Gears, littleBits hosts its launch party complete with an automated storefront display, interactive customers.

Makerbot Official Retail Launch Party
Ended / 21+ RSVP

Makerbot's official release to retail starts at AC Gears NYC. The Makerbot founders will be at AC Gears to connect with its fans and customers and demonstrate how to use the original Makerbot to print 3D objects! In collaboration with Keepon, this is Makerbot's first retail debut, so come for awesome music, lots of printing, and getting to know the maker community!

Keepon Market Preview Party
Ended / 21+ RSVP

Dr. Hideki Kozima (Sendai, Japan) and Dr. Marek Michalowski (San Francisco, U.S.), of BeatBots have come together to create Keepon, the interactive robot that will make you happy as you interact with it. Pat Keepon and it will respond to your touch. Come to AC Gears' store to see Keepon first in person, before it's even available at Toys R Us. 21+ to drink. RSVP is required.

AC Gears Robot Love Party by Lomography
Ended / 21+ RSVP

The imagery of analog photography is unparalleled and you can experience first hand the entire Lomography camera line up. Lomography has taken over the entire AC Gears store with pictures taken with a Lomography camera and pasted all over our wall, and in a shape of a heart too. RSVP is required with AC Gears or with Lomography.

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