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Product Description


THE O is a smart way to never lose something again. Attach THE O to each of your important belongings to make them smart and use THE O's app to keep them safe by creating an invisible leash between you and them. The moment you lose or forget one, the app immediately alerts you with a sound and a notification. This could just be the the shortest explanation we've every written.

The O is made of soft organic shape integrates smoothly with everyday objects. It is small, lightweight, water resistant, sewable case means you can use THE O on any belonging. The package includes one beautiful designed keychain and bag accessories complement your most precious items.

The O will only notify you when you need it and automatic muting is on when in safe places such as your home or the office. The app will also proactively prevent you from forgetting belongings, not just from losing them.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification 4 O’s. Choose from either the tukano or aerolito color ranges
1 Light Accessory with versatile clasp attachment
4 O shaped adhesive patches to attach THE O to anything
Highlights Extremely thin so you don’t notice THE O in your wallet
Smooth, curved edges work in harmony with the softest of leathers and materials
Fine grooves on the surface allow it to be sewn onto any fabric
With our sleek, lightweight accessory you can hang THE O from practically anything

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Leading design and unique forget alertsReview by carl0s80
Very thoughtful and nice design from the packaging to the device, much better than anything I have seen - and a nice touch to it! The fact that it is water resistant was important for me as I do lots of outdoors and have lost things before in the mountains or in the woods. It's also kinda cool that you can sew it onto stuff. Only complaint: I wish it was even smaller, but I looked at all these devices and they are all about the same.

It comes in a pack of 4, but you can share them freely with others and two people can even use the same device. One accessory and 4 adhesives come in the pack, so overall a pretty good deal.

The main difference to other trackers is that the app can tell me if I forget things when I leave my house in the morning depending on what I need that day. I like that idea a lot and see a lot of potential there - looking forward to more of these features coming to the app.. (Posted on 9/9/2016)

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