uArm Arduino Desktop Robotic Arm

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Product Description


uArm is an Arduino­ powered desktop 4­axis parallel­ mechanism robot arm, modeled after the ABB industrial PalletPack robot. The new uArm is made of metal, powered by smaller­ but more powerful servos, and controlled by an Arduino­ compatible board. In parallel­ mechanism robot arms, most of the mass is concentrated on the base, which makes the robot much more stable and allows the upper Arm to react quickly.

Program, customize and use the uArm in various applications; From picking up an apple to playing chess.

Hands-on by GEDDEM


Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • Servo Torque: 9kg/cm
  • Parts: 3 metal servos, 1 micro servo, 1 Arduino compatible board, 1 uArm shield, 1 USB cable and 1 Wall Adapter Power Supply.
  • Highlights
  • Customize for a variety of applications
  • Small, powerful servo motors
  • Solid metal construction
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