Zivix Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar

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Before there was the Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar, there was the Air Guitar from Japan. But that was before. Now, the jamstik+ is a digital guitar that works wirelessly (Bluetooth) with your devices and our apps to finally teach you how to play guitar. It comes with an interactive guitar lesson app series and works with a multitude of other music apps, so everyone from beginners to pros can just play. The jamstik+ comes with: 4 free apps, a guitar strap, 2 guitar picks and a rechargeable battery.

Maybe you tried guitar lessons once upon a time, learned a few chords but didn’t stick with it for various reasons like: cost or time. Or maybe you’ve never tried to learn for the same reasons. Those roadblocks are exactly why we created the jamstik+, the app-enabled smart guitar that teaches you how to play. Fast.

How? The jamstik+ interactive teaching apps walk you through step by step. Sensors in the jamstik+ detect the placement of your fingers and display them in the app, giving you instant feedback with zero guesswork. Don’t know how to read music or hold a pick? No problem. No music experience is needed to be successful with the jamstik+. It doesn’t even need tuning.

The Bluetooth connection to your device is fast, stable and best of all, wireless. Being untethered gives you freedom to practice and play anytime, anywhere. Already a guitar player? The jamstik+ is a versatile MIDI controller, compatible with 100s of apps, so you can create virtually any sound you can think of.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification No
Highlights Works wirelessly with your device and our apps to teach you guitar
Sensors detect your finger placements giving you instant feedback
Play chords in minutes with simple interactive tutorials and games
Real strings and frets. Never needs tuning. Great for traveling
Also a creative MIDI tool: Play any sound with 100's of other apps
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and select Android M devices

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