Zootility Pocket Monkey Wallet Multitool

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Product Description


The Zootility Pocket Monkey is a wallet utility took perfect for the everyday tinkerer. Think of it as a bottle opener that houses a toolbox. Packing an impressive amount of functionality into an object small enough to fit in your wallet, you'll surprise yourself how often you reach for it to accomplish any number of tasks.

Start with that aforementioned bottle opener, perhaps the most useful day-to-day tool. Add to that a small, large and Phillips head screwdriver, six different hex wrench sizes, a letter opener for opening mail and packages, inch and millimeter measurements; it even serves as a smartphone stand -- just stick a credit card through the slot and prop your phone on it -- perfect for browsing or watching movies. Its size and shape also makes the Pocket Monkey perfect to use as a cord wrap for earbuds. That's a lot of multitasking for one small monkey.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Specification
  • 12 utility and convenience tools in one
  • 1 mm stainless steel
  • TSA-compliant -- travel with confidence
  • Laser-engraved text
  • Highlights No

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